Who we are:  Legacy is the Bunkowsky family band, an experienced multi-generational live music ensemble featuring siblings Lisa, Lorelei & William Bunkowsky; Uncle Douglas Bunkowsky and his sons Jared & Matthew; Lisa's husband Tom Russell; and William's daughters Rhiannon & Teagan.

What we do:  We specialize in the delivery of engaging and enjoyable performance of a variety of musical genres to appeal to a diversity of tastes and preferences.


When we do it:  Weddings, Fundraisers, Corporate Functions and Special Community Events - any time you want live entertainment.


Where we do it:  Although previous versions of the band have performed in Canada from Alberta to Northwest Ontario,  across the border into the USA and over the pond into Germany, our current preference is to stick closer to our southern Manitoba home base within a couple hours of Winnipeg.


Why you should hire us:  Because you want to create a memorable occasion by providing your guests with accomplished, professional live entertainment without breaking the bank.


How to reach us:  Use Contact Us below, email Tom.Russell@Shaw.ca or call Tom at 204-254-8171.






Legacy Show Productions


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


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